Exhibition rules

Booth specification and fees (standard)

  • A type (9㎡) 162,000yen
  • B type (6㎡) 108,000yen
  • C type (3㎡) 54,000yen

Exhibition rules and regulations

Application addressee and deadline

Secretariat of the International Industrial Fair 2018 Kobe Event Group,
Osaka Branch of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

2-16 Kitahamahigashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 〒540-0031


TEL.06-6946-3384 FAX.06-6946-3389

Application deadline: May 31 (Thu.) , 2018
(Applications will be closed once the scheduled number of booths has been filled.)

Exhibition booths

◆3 types available: A type (9㎡), B type (6㎡), C type (3㎡)
Exact specifications are as follows:

  1. With side and back system panels
  2. Company name board (with booth number)
  3. Fascia board (standard company name / logo and special character-type company name are available as options)

◆Items included in the exhibition fee

  • Booth (including the above listed (1~3))
  • Invitation cards for the Fair, 1 set of 100 cards (incl. envelopes) per company
    Other booth decorations, power etc. will be charged separately.

Registration for exhibitors and allocation of booths

  • The organizer of the Fair will check the application to exhibit form, and then contact the person in charge regarding the reception of exhibitors.
    (Applications deemed not in accordance with the general aim of the Fair will be declined.)
  • The organizer will also assign the booths taking into account factors such as the exhibition category, size, content, application order and venue layout. The booth allocation will be announced to all successful applicants at the briefing for exhibitors (scheduled for July 18 (Wed.)).
  • Booths under application cannot be transferred or lent to other parties without the approval of the organizer.

Invoice / Payment of exhibition fee

  • An invoice for the exhibition fee will be issued and sent in the mail soon after the reception for exhibitors has been completed. Please pay the fee by bank transfer to the listed account.
  • Please pay the exhibition fee by the deadline stated on the invoice. Your exhibition will be cancelled if payment cannot be confirmed by this date.

Advance notification

  • Matters related to the Food Sanitation Act (handling of food, etc.)
  • Matters related to the Fire Service Act (cooking and demonstrations using fire and/or electrical equipment)

Changes to / Cancellation of exhibition

  • Please notify the organizer by FAX or email about any changes to or cancellation of your exhibits after the registration for exhibitors has been completed.
  • Cancellation of your exhibits after completion of the registration will incur the following “exhibition cancellation fee”.
Period Cancellation fee
Confirmation of receiving application form – Briefing for exhibitors 50% of exhibition fee
After the briefing for exhibitors 100% of exhibition fee
  • If it is found that any part of your application form contains false information, or if you are in violation of the exhibition rules and regulations or any other such act, then your exhibits will be cancelled and the exhibition fee and other payments will not be refunded.

Prohibited matters when exhibiting

◆The following acts are prohibited in the exhibition venue.

  • Conducting PR activities outside of your booth and designated area
  • Any act that causes trouble for the organizer and other exhibitors
    (including creating loud noises and unpleasant odors, etc.)
  • Selling goods
    *There may be restrictions on the distribution of sample products.


The exhibitor is responsible for paying compensation in the event of any damage caused by them to the equipment belonging to the organizer or exhibition venue, or any personal injury caused to other people (exhibitors, visitors, etc.).

Management /Indemnity of exhibition items

The organizer has contracted with a security company for the period covering the transport of exhibition items and the Fair itself, and works to provide management and security within the venue. However, it is exempt from liability for any accident that may occur within the booths or any damage or theft etc. of exhibition items. The exhibitors should take out damage insurance as required to cover such events.


  • An “Exhibitors Guideline” containing information on the Fair and operations within the venue will be issued at a later date, and made available at the briefing for exhibitors.
  • In order to ensure the smooth management and operation of the exhibition, the organizer may set forth supplementary rules and regulations in addition to these current ones.
  • In the event that the Fair is unable to be held due to a natural disaster or other unavoidable occurrences, the organizer will refund the exhibition fee to the exhibitors after deducting any necessary expenses.
  • The structure, services and other matters related to the exhibition may be subject to change.